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Watch it Early: Before We Die Season 2

  • Christina Zeiders
Seasons one and two of Before We Die are available now with WITF Passport. Binge it all using your Passport login and the PBS or WITF app.

WITF Passport members can binge the entire first and second seasons of Before We Die now with their membership.

This UK-produced drama stars Lesley Sharp as Hannah Laing, a detective who is determined to solve her lover’s murder. In the first season, Hannah persuades one of her lover’s confidential contacts to help her solve his murder. When Hannah learns the informant’s identity, she realizes there is more at stake than bringing the killers to justice.

In season two, DI Laing and crime matriarch Dubravka Mimica are on opposite sides of the law, but they have one thing in common — both lost sons in season one. Hannah’s son fell in love with Bianca Mimica and fled overseas while Dubravka’s son is missing and presumed dead. While Dubravka seeks revenge, Hannah must finish the job her son started and expose the Mimica gang.

Binge season two of Before We Die with your WITF Passport membership now! (Or start at the beginning with season one.) Season two premieres on WITF TV on June 22, but on-demand streaming of Before We Die is only available with WITF Passport.

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