The map depicts HTC (Hard To Count) 2020 Census response rates, with bluer colors representing higher responses.York city has just under 50 percent self-completion rate for the 2020 Census, one of the lowest in the region. (Courtesy CUNY Mapping Service)

Central Pa. cities lag on census response

Trump administration move to cut short census fieldwork adds pressure to already challenging effort
By Anthony Orozco


Pa. legislature’s delays could result in chaos for election officials and voters in November

“If they get too far into the weeds or attempt to drop in other fixes now, my fear is nothing will get done.”
By Emily Previti

Coronavirus spurs enrollment explosion for Pa. cyberschools

“Compared to prior years, interest this year is astronomical."
By Jan Murphy/PennLive

Youngstown, Ohio, lost its only paper. A ‘zombie’ news site wants to fill the void

According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 34,000 newspaper jobs were lost between 2004 and 2018.
By Mark Oprea/NPR

What it’s like when COVID-19 lasts for months

Support groups on Facebook include thousands of people, who say they have been wrestling with serious COVID-19 symptoms for at least a month, if not two or three.
By Catherine Whelan/NPR

Now is the time to start biking

"It's freedom. When you were a kid and you got a bike and you could go riding around and it was just freedom. And that's what it can be for adults, too."
By Meg Anderson/NPR

Schools mull outdoor classes amid virus, ventilation worries

Healthy children almost always recover from COVID, if they become ill at all, but they can pass the disease to teachers, parents and other adults.
By Terry Spencer/The Associated Press

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