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WITF’s News Department: (back row L to R) Craig Rhodes, Emily Previti, Tim Lambert, Scott LaMar, Marie Cusick, Cara Fry
(front row L to R) Brett Sholtis, Rachel McDevitt, Katie Meyer, Joe Ulrich
Photo by Joanne Cassaro

WITF airs the same program schedule at Harrisburg 89.5, Chambersburg 93.3 and Lancaster 99.9. This simulcast maintains a high quality program schedule for listeners across WITF’s 19-county service area. Comments are welcome at

Radio schedule

WITF FM Harrisburg 89.5, Lancaster 99.9
& WYPM 93.3 in Chambersburg. 
Your home for NPR News and All Things Regional.

Changes are effective July 11, 2020


5-9am Morning Edition
9-10am Smart Talk, with Scott LaMar
10-noon 1A
Noon-2pm Here and Now, with Robin Young
2-3pm The Idea Exchange
Mon: Throughline
Tues: Innovation Hub
Wed: Ted Radio Hour
Thu: Our Body Politic
Fri: Science Friday (Hour 1)
3-4pm (Mon-Thur) Fresh Air, with Terry Gross
3-4pm (Fri) Science Friday (Hour 2)
4-6:30pm All Things Considered
6:30-7pm Marketplace, with Kai Ryssdal
7-8pm Smart Talk (repeat of 9am program)
8-9pm Think
9-10pm 1A
10-11pm Fresh Air, with Terry Gross
11pm-5am BBC World Service


5-6am On the Media
6-7am The Pulse
7-7:30am Planet Money
7:30-8am How I Built This
8-10am Weekend Edition
10-11am Wait, Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me
11am-Noon Ask Me Another!
Noon-1pm It’s Been a Minute
1-2pm On the Media
2-3pm Radiolab
3-4pm This American Life
4-5pm BBC Newshour
5-6pm All Things Considered
6-7pm The Moth Radio Hour
7-8pm Snap Judgement
8-9pm Ask Me Another!
9-10pm Fresh Air Weekend
10pm-5am BBC World Service


5-6am To the Best of Our Knowledge (Hour 1)
6-7am To the Best of Our Knowledge (Hour 2)
7-8am On Being
8-10am Weekend Edition
10-11am Hidden Brain
11am-Noon New Yorker Radio Hour
Noon-1pm Wait, Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me
1-2pm Innovation Hub
2-3pm Ted Radio Hour
3-4pm Latino USA
4-5pm BBC Newshour
5-6pm All Things Considered
6-7pm Rick Steves’ Travel
7-8pm Splendid Table
8-9pm WITF Presents
9-10pm Reveal
10pm-5am BBC World Service

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