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Mosaic is WITF’s home for all things arts, culture and lifestyle.

We spotlight and uplift the creators around us, featuring amazing artists, musicians, authors, chefs, dancers, designers, photographers, and more.


YouTube Shorts

Figuring out how to be an adult can be daunting, but luckily you have Adultability! Share in the knowledge and laughs with host and GenZer Aimee as she’s figuring out this whole “adulting” thing.

A birds-eye view of Pennsylvania's state Capitol building

Aerial PA

27 Flights

Take flight as we explore the wonders of Pennsylvania from an altitude of 400 feet.



19 Episodes

In Artists, we bring into focus the inspiring creators found around us. Their stories, passions and personalities are as unique as their art.

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Creator Academy

3 Creators

Discover talented student creators from colleges and universities across Central Pennsylvania. Their authentic storytelling offers a glimpse at campus life and the topics that matter most to today’s young adults.

Civilian Soldier School

11 Parts

Civilian Soldier School puts two civilians through Army National Guard training at Fort Indiantown Gap. WITF Creative Director Mitch Mathias and Producer/Host Keira McGuire undergo basic training, including the Army Combat Fitness Test. One of them exercises fairly regularly—the other, not so much. Will they succeed?

Christina and Tom discussing a television show at a table


4 Seasons

Immerse yourself in the worlds of your favorite PBS shows! Join us to share fresh perspectives, recaps and reactions as we take a closer look into the lives of our most beloved characters!

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A stained glass window with an image of a bird

Overlooked Art

9 Second Looks

There is beauty and wonder all around us yet we often fail to notice. Come along as we step into these places and enjoy this easily Overlooked Art.

A saucepan erupts in flame

The Cookery

8 Meals

Host Keira McGuire is cooking up great food and conversation on The Cookery. Join us as folks in the kitchen share their stories and passion for the craft.

The To-Do List, Ziplining Episode

The To-Do List

12 Trips

Join host Keira McGuire as she checks adventures off of the To Do List. Considered zip lining but not sure what it’s actually like? Join us for this excursion and many more and create your own to do list!

The Spark Features

30 Stories

The Spark Features focus on arts & culture and human-interest stories. We’ll shine a light on the gems of Pennsylvania like business owners, artists, people with unique skillsets, interests and from all walks of life.

Interviews, photos and music videos, featuring local musicians who have stopped by the
WITF performance studio to share a little discussion and sound.

Liz Fulmer

For Liz Fulmer, the teachings of the Bible are not separate from everyday life. She feels the divine in her interactions with people and through her music. From her toddler years, growing up in church and at Berklee as a voice major, music has been a constant in Liz’s life. It has helped her to understand herself, her faith and the world. After she and her band performed two songs in our studio from her latest release, The Bible Tells Me So, she sat down to talk about her music, the intersection of faith and sexual identity, her work as a pastor at Grandview Church as well as favorite apps, pets and podcasts.


Pick of the Month

Every month we’ll recommend a great book for you to check out or read with your book club — from biographies and novels to poetry, children’s books and more.

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