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Brighter Days

Brighter Days shines a light on the inspiring programs and uplifting relationships happening at Lancaster and Lebanon county schools to radiate positivity throughout the community.

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Girvin’s Gardeners Grow at Salisbury Elementary

5th Grade teacher, Anita Girvin brings together her passions for teaching and gardening once a week at lunchtime.  Her 5th and 6th grade Girvin’s Gardeners work together to connect, learn about gardening, and get their hands dirty. 

Life Skills Shared at Warwick High School

Warwick High School’s Life Skills programs empower students and faculty to thrive and grow together.

Dance Theatre Shines at Hempfield High School

Alumni Cody Smith and Devon Groff inspire new generations of students to express themselves and try something new through Hempfield’s Dance Theatre Program.

Work Friendship Forms at Annville-Cleona High School

Annville-Cleona life skills student, Eoin (pronounced, “Owen”) teamed up with custodian Jack Lauer to gain career opportunities for the future.  What started as a mentorship grew into a friendship and led to Eoin’s new substitute position at the school.

Virtual Foundations Inspire at Cornwall-Lebanon School District

Dr. Shelly White innovates and inspires through collaborative, personalized learning at Cornwall-Lebanon School District.

Family Groups Bond at Akron Elementary School

Through monthly meet-ups, Kindergarten through 4th grade students at Akron Elementary School build bonds in “Family Groups” that last the entirety of their elementary school experience.

Bus Driver Roxy Carrigan Cares at Pequea Elementary School

Pequea Elementary School parent, Desiree Forbes helps to spotlight one important faculty member in her son’s life – Bus Driver Roxy Carrigan.  For over 20 years, Roxy’s driven special education students from pre-school to high school and keeps them close to her heart.

Unified Bocce Ball Plays at Palmyra Area High School

Palmyra High School’s Unified Bocce Team brings together intra-abled schoolmates to build teamwork and friendships that make their community proud.

Watch all Brighter Days videos on YouTube

Brighter Days is produced by WITF in partnership with IU13.