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About WITF

WITF is a trusted, valued supplier of programs and services that both satisfy and stimulate curiosity for residents in every community in the central Pennsylvania region. WITF broadcast services reach audiences in over 17 counties in central Pennsylvania. The company comprises public broadcasting stations WITF TV, WITF 89.5 & 93.3,, WITF Educational Services, and Media Solutions.


WITF inspires lifelong learning by connecting people and communities of Pennsylvania through trusted journalism, thoughtful discussion and educational experiences.

Core Values

  • Trusted: WITF is a trusted source for information 
  • Transparent: WITF is transparent in everything we do
  • Diverse: WITF is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in our content, organization and communities
  • Creative: WITF inspires creativity internally and externally


Be an essential part of the civic, educational and cultural fabric of Pennsylvania.

Learn more about WITF’s historyConflicts of Interest PolicyBy-LawsPrinciples and Guidelines and Public Disclosure Policy.