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Grantchester Finale: A Serial Killer Remains at Large

After Geordie and Will thought they cracked the case that plagued Grantchester, they both recognize they may have sent the wrong man to prison, and the real killer may still be at large.

By Christina Zeiders

Last Call for WITF Passport: Arthur & George

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is asked to clear a man convicted of animal mutilation. As rumors plague Sir Arthur’s personal life, his case takes a tragic turn. Will he find his suspect and bring them to justice?

By Christina Zeiders

New on WITF Passport: Thou Shalt Not Kill Season 4

After the death of her mother and her sister’s accident, Valeria decides to halt her investigation into her family and focus on herself and her work. However, Lombardi and Andrea have other ideas.

By Christina Zeiders

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Shock waves ripple through Broadchurch in the Season Finale

After weeks of speculation, the events surrounding Danny Latimer’s death are revealed. Shock waves ripple through Broadchurch as the community struggles to come to terms with the shocking news, but will Danny finally be laid to rest?

By Christina Zeiders

Unsolved Cases Haunt Grantchester

A vagrant is found dead and Geordie can’t shake the feeling that this murder may be connected to two previously unsolved cases.

By Christina Zeiders

Now on WITF Passport: Kidnap & Ransom

The drama begins with the kidnapping of Naomi Shaffer while she’s in South Africa on business.

By Christina Zeiders

Next on “Grantchester:” Lester’s not as spotless as he seems

Lester Carmichael – the owner of a cleaning goods brand – is found dead in curious circumstances. Will and Geordie discover that Lester’s private life was less spotless than the image he portrayed.

By Christina Zeiders

There’s No Trust Left in Broadchurch

As Hardy and Miller come under fire and all trust breaks down between the people of Broadchurch, the townspeople begin to turn on each other. Will a vital new piece of evidence lead to the killer?

By Christina Zeiders

Grantchester Season 6 Marathon

Get ready for Grantchester’s season 7 premiere with a season 6 binge
By Christina Zeiders

Build Your Own Endeavour Marathon with WITF Passport

Build Your Own “Endeavour” Marathon with WITF Passport. Become a member today at!

By Christina Zeiders