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Insights into WITF’s newsroom and an invitation to join in the pursuit of trustworthy journalism.

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Welcome to The Purple Buck, WITF’s new, weekly journalism email newsletter. 

We’re glad you’re here. It’ll give us a chance to talk about the massive amounts of news you come across every day from dozens of different sources, and to share ideas on what makes for trustworthy news that can strengthen communities and promote civic participation and civil dialogue. We’ll also bring you inside the WITF newsroom in ways we’ve never done before, letting you know what goes into journalism decisions and asking for your thoughts.

Mostly, you’ll be hearing from me, Scott Blanchard, director of journalism here. But other writers will take turns along the way. As we get started, feel free to email me with any questions, concerns, frustrations or success stories about where you’re finding credible news. I’m at

And if your first question is “What’s the deal with the name?” — the answer is right here.

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Support for WITF is provided by:

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