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Membership FAQs

As a WITF Sustaining Member, you agree to make an ongoing monthly or yearly pledge of support. Your contributions can be deducted directly from your credit card or bank account. In so doing, you provide WITF with an invaluable resource-a regular, stable source of revenue to support both our daily operations and the development of future projects and programs.

Developing a solid financial future is a priority at WITF. We succeed with community support, despite funding cutbacks from other sources.

Your pledge of regular long term support enables us to focus more of our energies and resources on meeting the challenges ahead, while knowing that our day-to-day operations are funded.

As a WITF Sustaining Member, you are a friend we can rely on and can communicate with in a more relaxed fashion. Instead of receiving annual appeals for renewed support, Sustaining Members are offered more information about the programs they love. You’ll receive our grateful thanks for your committed support, as well as all the regular benefits of membership.

Once a year we will send you a record of your giving history for tax purposes, affording you an opportunity to change your pledge amount or payment method. You can also cancel or change your payments at any time.

To become a Sustaining Member, give now with a monthly donation, e-mail, or telephone (717) 910-2950.

WITF is a not-for-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code section 501 C(3). Our Federal Tax ID Number: 23-162-9016.

4801 Lindle Road
Harrisburg, PA  17111

There are many volunteer opportunities at WITF. Community volunteers play a very important role. Some of these opportunities include helping the at WITF community events, aiding with clerical duties, answering telephones during “pledge drives” and much, much more! For more information, please call the Volunteer Outreach Specialist at (717) 910-2630. You can also visit the volunteer page on the WITF website.

WITF holds four major television membership campaigns each year during the months of March, June, August and November/December. We also program short weekend or mini-membership campaigns on WITF TV at other times during the year. We also hold three radio membership campaigns each year during the months of April, September and November. As a member-supported organization, on-air membership campaigns are the single most effective way to gain new members – while our audience is viewing and listening.

WITF mails tax receipts as a courtesy to our members who give a one-time gift on a weekly basis.  At the beginning of each calendar year, we mail a cumulative receipt to all of our Premier Circle and Sustainer members. By law, tax receipts must be mailed by January 31. If you need a receipt at any other time, please contact Member Services at (717) 910-2950.

It generally takes 6-8 weeks to receive your gift(s).

Most non-profit and commercial organizations mail early renewal notices to their members or subscribers. Renewing early helps avoid lapses in membership and other possible complications.