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Events & Programs

Join us in the community for engaging family events, fun educational programs and learning opportunities designed for children of all ages.

Ready, Set, Explore!

Ready Set Explore

Ready, Set, Explore! events connect families, educators, community partners and local businesses to engage in interactive learning experiences tailored for children aged 3-14! These events also integrate PBS characters, creating a fun and memorable experience for all who attend!

Slide into Summer Camp

Slide into Summer Camp

WITF is excited to announce that we’re hosting two weeks of Summer Camps at the WITF Public Media Center’s Innovation Studio!

Kids' Night Out!

Kids’ Night Out!

Hey, Kids! Need a break from grocery shopping, running errands, picking up toys, and helping to wash the dishes? Sounds like you need a Kids’ Night Out!

Ready, Set, Explore! Kindergarten

Ready, Set, Explore! Kindergarten

WITF recognizes that transitions can be tricky. To help support families and children in the transition from preschool to kindergarten, WITF has partnered with community agencies and sponsors to create Ready, Set, Explore! Kindergarten.