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tag | crime drama

Streaming on Passport: Top Dog

A lawyer named Emily finds herself teamed up with a recently released convict named Teddy.

By Christina Zeiders

A Quick Binge: D.I. Ray

The new crime thriller introduces viewers to D.I. Ray as she is forced to confront her personal struggle between her British identity and Asian heritage.

By Christina Zeiders

Miss Scarlet’s Jewel of the North

Miss Scarlet’s third season comes to an explosive climax when Eliza receives a bomb in the mail.

By Christina Zeiders

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Miss Scarlet Finds The Heir

A revelation about the Duke’s personal life makes it impossible for him and Eliza to work together.

By Christina Zeiders

Miss Scarlet and The Conman at Hotel St. Marc

Eliza finally tracks down a notorious conman, but she’s not the only person who wants to claim the reward.

By Christina Zeiders

Miss Scarlet Faces a Childhood Rival

Is Eliza holding onto an old grudge or has her childhood rival turned to a life of crime?

By Christina Zeiders

Sunday Nights Bring the Drama to WITF TV

Watch all three dramas on WITF TV or the PBS Video app Livestream on Sundays starting at 8pm!

By Christina Zeiders

“Sister Boniface Mysteries” Premieres on WITF TV

Say hello to Sister Boniface, the police’s secret weapon for solving murders in Great Slaughter.

By Christina Zeiders

Magpie Murders: D.I.Y. Marathon with WITF Passport

Susan is left with two mysteries – what happened to Alan and how does his last book, titled Magpie Murders, end?

By Christina Zeiders

A New Binge on WITF Passport: Astrid

Astrid has Asperger’s syndrome and her incredible memory lets her solve the unsolvable cases plaguing the judicial police. Binge the entire first season now on WITF Passport!

By Christina Zeiders