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Passport Binge: The New Crime Drama “Ridley”

Alex Ridley navigates the complexities of crime fighting with his former protégée

  • Christina Zeiders

 Ridley Productions Ltd.

The new crime drama series Ridley premieres on Sundays at 8pm starting June 18 through August 6, but WITF Passport members can binge the entire series on the same night as its premiere with the PBS or WITF app.

This new detective series introduces us to the charismatic Detective Inspector Alex Ridley – played by Adrian Dunbar, Line of Duty, Blood – who has retired from the police force after a distinguished 20-year career.

Now as a consultant, Ridley resumes his partnership with former protégée DI Carol Farman – played by Bronagh Waugh, Unforgotten, The Fall – when she turned to him for help solving her first murder case and an unsolved missing persons case. But with even more intriguing cases to solve, Ridley revives his successful partnership with Carol.

Ridley premieres on WITF TV Sunday, June 18 at 8pm, but WITF Passport members don’t have to wait to see more – stream the entire eight-part series the same night using the PBS or WITF app.

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