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What questions would you ask Pennsylvania’s candidates for governor?

Attorney General Josh Shapiro, left, and Sen. Doug Mastriano, right.

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Attorney General Josh Shapiro, left, and Sen. Doug Mastriano, right.

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Republican state Sen. Doug Mastriano and state Attorney General Josh Shapiro are running to be Pennsylvania’s next governor.

Mastriano has a big social media presence, often talking with those who are friendly toward his policy views.

But, the state senator from Franklin County is refusing to speak with most independent news organizations, including WITF, that reach millions of voters in Pennsylvania.

We think Mastriano should be accountable to Pa. voters, and we want to know: What questions do you want him to answer? Use the form below to weigh in.

Mastriano’s opponent, Democrat Josh Shapiro, should be accountable to voters as well, and we know there are questions you want him to answer. So, use the form below for those questions.

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