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Climate Change – The Facts

Scientists explore the impact of climate change and what could happen if global warming exceeds 1.5 degrees

  • Fred Vigeant
Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough

On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we examine possible solutions to the crisis, including the latest innovations, technology and actions individuals can take to prevent further damage. Climate Change- The Facts is hosted by natural historian Sir David Attenborough.

Climate Change- The Facts brings together leading climate scientists who explain what might happen if global warming increases 1.5 degrees. Experts examine the consequences of rising temperatures on ice sheets, fragile ecosystems, developing communities and extreme weather events. Personal accounts of California wildfires, extreme coastal flooding in Louisiana and increasing temperatures in Australia paint vivid pictures of these devastating effects.

The program warns of potential tipping points that could trigger further catastrophic events, such as methane gas escaping from melting lakes in the arctic. While these scenarios are discouraging, the program also inspires individuals to take action and make a difference. Experts offer hope that changes can be made in the next decade to reduce CO2 emissions and limit further damage. These include increased advocacy, advances in alternative energy technologies and innovative solutions to capture existing carbon dioxide.

Researchers from around the world provide global context to the crisis in Climate Change- The Facts. Featured experts include Dr. James Hansen, former director of NASA Goddard Institute for Science Studies; professor Naomi Oreskes, science historian at Harvard University; professor Michael Mann, climate scientist at Penn State University; Richard Black, director of the UK Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit; professor Andrew Shepherd, climate scientist at The University of Leeds, Sunita Narain, director general of India’s Centre for Science and Environment; and Greta Thunberg, Swedish teenage climate advocate and Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

Climate Change- The Facts broadcasts on WITF Wednesday April 22 (Earth Day) at 8pm.  The program is also available to view on-demand through our website and through the PBS Video app available for tables, smart phones and smart televisions.

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