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Watch it Again: NOVA’s Ancient Maya Metropolis

Archaeologists are using new tech and recent discoveries to figure out why Mayan metropolises came to an end.

By Christina Zeiders

NOVA: Ancient Builders of the Amazon

Important discoveries unravel the myth of the Amazon as a primeval wilderness, revealing civilizations with populations numbering in the millions.

By Christina Zeiders

Harrisburg University professor discovers and names a 5-million-year-old “horned” turtle

Dr. Steven Jasinski, environmental sciences and sustainability professor, joined us on The Spark Tuesday to share how he discovered the fossil species of the horned turtle, his passion behind his work, and what his discovery will mean for the world of science.

By Aniya Faulcon

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Your DNA Secrets Revealed

Genealogy is more than scrapbooks you inherited from your grandparents – it’s part of the story of how you became you.

By Christina Zeiders

NOVA’s “Crypto Decoded” Explores the History and Potential of Cryptocurrency

What exactly is crypto and how does it work? This technology is more than just money.

By Christina Zeiders

NOVA’s “Ending HIV in America” Shows the Remarkable Progress Science Has Made Against HIV

NOVA’s “Ending HIV in America” is a story of struggle and triumph, showing how the fight against HIV reshaped the world of science and medicine.

By Christina Zeiders

The Green Planet: Human Worlds

“We can all work with plants to help make our world a little wilder. Our future will be safer and healthier, and, in my experience at least, we will also be happier. Plants are our most ancient allies.”

By Christina Zeiders

NOVA’s “Ice Age Footprints” Uncovers Ancient Human Footprints

Footprints found in White Sands, New Mexico could be the earliest evidence of humans ever found in North America
By Christina Zeiders