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Talking to kids about climate change and ocean health

Author and an environmental scientist share the latest book in the Kobee Manatee® series: Climate Change and The Great Blue Hole Hazard
By Merideth Bucher

Pa. won’t hit climate goals unless changes come soon, report warns

Gov. Tom Wolf is pushing to cut the state’s emissions 80 percent by 2050, compared to 2005 levels. 

By Staff

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Solar companies are eyeing Pa. farmland. A legislative agency is looking at ways communities can prepare

The Center for Rural Pennsylvania is hoping the state can find a balance between the benefits of solar energy and the risk of losing farmland and community character.

By Rachel McDevitt

Updated: September 25, 2021 | 1:26 pm

Pa. community’s fight against electric lines shows tensions coming with push toward a clean energy future

To achieve a carbon-free electricity sector, the country would need to more than double the power infrastructure it has now in the next decade.

By Rachel McDevitt

Pa. won’t hit climate goals without increasing efforts now, report says

The state’s new Climate Action Plan focuses on cutting emissions in the state’s three most-polluting sectors: electricity generation, industrial energy use, and transportation.

By Rachel McDevitt

Midstate county seeks input on climate action plan

Cumberland County is adding population at one of the quickest rates in the commonwealth. It also serves as a hub for national shipping networks.

By Rachel McDevitt