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Wolf’s cap-and-trade proposal takes a step forward

The Democratic governor issued an executive order declaring Pennsylvania would join a regional agreement aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Not everyone is on board.

By Katie Meyer

Farmers focus on sustainability during Lancaster conference

Speakers told audiences about the potential of regenerative agriculture methods to draw the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

By Rachel McDevitt

Updated: February 3, 2020 | 12:29 pm

Wolf’s support for petrochemicals raises climate worries as Pennsylvania tries to cut carbon emissions

In his second term, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has set ambitious climate goals for the state. But he’s also walked a tightrope on climate, as he has embraced the fossil fuel jobs of the natural gas industry, and big carbon-emitting projects like the Shell Ethane Cracker in Beaver County.

By Reid Frazier

Going to the Polar Extremes

Join renowned paleontologist and host Kirk Johnson on an epic adventure through time
By Fred Vigeant