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tag | Climate Change

Updated: March 7, 2023 | 5:21 pm

Pa. Gov. Josh Shapiro’s budget proposal includes Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

The Shapiro Administration says the budget accounts for RGGI should it be allowed to move forward.

By Rachel McDevitt

Pa. lawmakers hear challenges to electric grid reliability; experts call for clear policy

Experts say there are short- and long-term issues policy makers need to be aware of when trying to secure the electric grid.

By Rachel McDevitt

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Pa. drillers abandoned thousands of natural gas wells in 5 years, ignored state law, report says

Gov. Tom Wolf ordered the review, but it will be up to new Gov. Josh Shapiro’s administration to take any action.

By Rachel McDevitt

In Pa., heat pumps could be a climate change solution. But contractors and customers would need to buy in

Natural gas heats most homes in Pennsylvania. Heat-pump technology could help reduce one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases in America: home heating.

By Reid Frazier

Claim that Pa. climate program was unlawfully delayed is moot, court says

Because the rule is now official, the court says the case is moot and any judgment given would not have an effect.

By Rachel McDevitt

Pa. gas industry report shows production, inspections increased in 2021

The Department of Environmental Protection’s most recent annual report shows that the pace of new drilling slowed in recent years, but the combination of old and new wells enabled companies to extract a record amount of gas.

By Rachel McDevitt

Top stories of 2022: Pa. pushes climate measures forward, meets delays and lawsuits

Pennsylvania finished regulations to join a carbon-trading program and to limit oil and gas site emissions in 2022.

By Rachel McDevitt

Lancaster nonprofit launches local carbon credit program

RegenAll is starting a Community Climate Fund as a way for people to pay for their carbon footprint.

By Rachel McDevitt

Postal Service commits to 100 percent electric vehicle replacement beginning in 2026

The Biden Administration provided $3 billion from the Inflation Reduction Act to help make the purchase, which is expected to cost $9.6 billion in total.

By Susan Phillips