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Poll: Pennsylvanians see global warming as serious problem; split on fracking

Poll: Pennsylvanians see global warming as serious problem; split on fracking

By Scott LaMar

Supreme Court pushes U.S. closer to ‘climate cliff,’ say Pennsylvania environmental leaders

In 2020, the total emissions of Pennsylvania’s top 10 power plants are equivalent to eight million cars on the road for a year, according to a recent report by PennEnvironment.

By Julie Grant/The Allegheny Front

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Prescribed fires are backed by science. But shifts in climate patterns could make them more challenging

One tool meant to prevent the onset of wildfires in dying forests is a prescribed burn.

By Adriana Delagarza

America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston

“America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston” explores the diverse landscapes across the U.S. and how these regions shape the way Americans work, play and interact with the outdoors. Watch Tuesdays at 9pm (starting July 5) on the PBS Video app or WITF TV.

By Christina Zeiders

Poll: 75% of Pennsylvanians accept evidence of climate change

The poll included more than 400 people statewide and has a margin of error of 5.5 percent.

By Rachel McDevitt

Pennsylvania drops a major source of methane from new rule to limit emissions

DEP said it is considering how to tackle emissions from conventional wells and hopes to have a rule before the end of the year.

By Rachel McDevitt

Activists bring climate clock to Pennsylvania capitol to urge lawmaker action

Unveiling the clock was the final piece of a three-day event called the Pennsylvania Climate Convergence.

By Rachel McDevitt

Harrisburg settles with ACLU over conditions for climate event

Better Path Coalition and the ACLU of Pennsylvania sued Harrisburg over what they say was a lack of transparent standards and fixed permit fees as the group tried to organize a climate action march in June.

By Rachel McDevitt