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Campaign encourages Lancaster Co. to ‘Pass on Plastic’


(Harrisburg) — A nonprofit group of youth organizers hopes to raise awareness about climate change and plastic’s impact on the environment through the month of March.

Global Shapers Lancaster Hub recently partnered with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project to hold a kick-off training for the Pass on Plastic campaign.

The group’s curator Jaime Arroyo said the hope is to show people across Lancaster County how they can help tackle the harmful effects of climate change.

“Some people feel it’s kind of distant from them or there’s nothing that they can really do about it, but what we wanted to show was that no matter what capacity you’re in, you can actually contribute to taking action,” Arroyo said. 

Each week has a theme. For the first, “climate reality,” the group plans to push out information through social media and talks on the streets of Lancaster about climate change and how plastic production and waste affect the environment. 

The next two weeks will focus on government and businesses responsibilities in turning to sustainable solutions.

Finally, individuals are encouraged to participate in a “plastic detox”–a week without single-use plastic products such as straws, cups, and take-out containers.

“We know it’s going to be super-difficult for folks,” Arroyo said. “So, we want to express the challenge that it brings for some people to avoid it and how much plastic is being used in our everyday lives.” 

Arroyo said he hopes events this month are just the start of a much longer effort. 

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