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Lancaster County teenager charged in death of older sister

Prosecutors said a motive is still being sought as well as the circumstances of the death.

By The Associated Press

Mass coronavirus vaccination site gets the green light in Lancaster County

The pilot program is expected to facilitate up to 6,500 inoculations a day — once the shots are more readily available.

By Julia Agos

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Top stories of 2020: Protests drive new conversation about policing and racial justice in Pennsylvania

In the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, people across the commonwealth organized hundreds of protests this year, many for the first time.

By Alanna Elder

Kidnap suspect now charged with murder of young Amish woman in Lancaster County

Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams said all of the evidence has led investigators to “the tragic and inescapable conclusion that Linda is deceased.”

By The Associated Press

‘This is the worst year’: Black vultures harass homes in Marietta

The birds peck at the rubber on the roofs and target plastic things like porch furniture and garbage cans for destruction.

By The Associated Press

Smart Talk: The Extraordinary Give live broadcast events

Each year, Lancaster County hosts The Extraordinary Give, the largest online fundraiser that benefits over 500 non-profit organizations.

By Merideth Bucher

Lancaster County to delay counting mail-in votes arriving after Tuesday, awaiting possible SCOTUS ruling

Lancaster County plans to hold off on counting mailed ballots that arrive between Wednesday and Friday while officials await a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on whether those votes should be counted.

By Sam Dunklau

During a mental health crisis, a family’s call to 911 turns tragic

A mother in Lancaster tried for years to help her grown son get consistent treatment for schizophrenia. Then, hoping to get him involuntarily committed for care, the family called the police.

By Brett Sholtis

In Lititz, Trump touts saving Pa. manufacturing jobs — but those jobs have declined overall since he took office

President Donald Trump told a crowd outside Lititz on Monday that if re-elected, his administration would continue to preserve manufacturing and industry in Pennsylvania.

He touted deregulation and the renegotiated US-Mexico-Canada trade deal as he updated a case he made to Pennsylvanians in 2016, when he won the state by 44,292 votes.

Manufacturing jobs rose slightly in Pennsylvania during Trump’s term before plummeting during the pandemic.

By Alanna Elder