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  •  Matt Smith

    Recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania – what happens next?

    Governor Wolf recently came out in favor of legalizing cannabis for recreational use. Wolf arrived at this position following Lt. Governor John Fetterman’s 67-county listening tour. As part of the tour, Fetterman participated in town-hall style meetings to gauge the support for legalizing marijuana and found that of those who “voiced their opinions, the majority supported legalization.”  

    By Merideth Bucher

  •  iStock

    Domestic violence — ending the abuse

    In the last decade alone, more than 1,600 people have died. Last year alone there were 123 victims in Pennsylvania who died from domestic violence incidents. Sixty-seven percent of those victims were killed by a current or former intimate partner and most were killed by firearm. There is no “typical” victim. The killed include men, women and children, young and mature, all races and socio-economic groups.

    By Scott LaMar and Merideth Bucher

  •  ANHA

    Syria, what is happening now?

    The Trump administration announced U.S. troop withdrawals from Syria in early October. As U.S. forces began pulling back from positions along the border, Turkish forces crossed the border to establish a presence.

    By Merideth Bucher

  •  WITF/Brett Sholtis

    Myths and misconceptions about Pennsylvania’s black bears

    Many myths and misconceptions surround black bears. For instance, they are not always black, some are a cinnamon color. Depending on where they live, black bears exhibit different “denning” times, pelt color and movement patterns, so there are unique qualities within the population.

    By Smart Talk and Justin Kocis

  •  Katie Meyer

    Pennsylvania ACLU files lawsuit to remove victims rights measure from November ballot

    A lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania on Thursday is challenging a victim’s rights measure that is set to appear on the November ballot.  

    By Merideth Bucher

  •  iStock

    Should college athletes be paid?

    Last month, California became the first state to make it legal for college athletes to be compensated for the use of their names, images and likenesses. Athletes will also be allowed to hire agents to represent them to seek out deals.

    By Scott LaMar

  • Less Oil or More Caskets?

    Author Greg Ballard writes that by changing ideas about transportation and technology, our nation, and the world, could be on a path to freedom from oil dependence in that same amount of time. He says by eliminating the need to protect and preserve foreign oil supplies, money and lives will ultimately be saved.  

    By Merideth Bucher

  •  iStock

    Pa. National Guard suicides occurring at an alarming rate

    In the past four years, 26 members of the Pennsylvania National Guard have died by suicide. The problem is so significant that Governor Tom Wolf instituted a Task Force to help mitigate the influx of suicides in the civilian-soldier population.

    By Justin Kocis

  •  iStock

    The Price We Pay: What Broke American Healthcare

    Healthcare in the U.S. is expensive — especially if it involves tests or being treated in a hospital and those are routine care. Best-selling author Dr. Marty Makary says it doesn’t have to be this way.

    By Scott LaMar

  •  Photo courtesy of PennDOT

    What’s all the fuss about roundabouts?

    Roundabouts are becoming much more common, and safer, in the U.S. PennDOT data on 19 newly installed roundabouts on state routes show that they are safer and more efficient than a traditional four-way, traffic light intersection.

    By Merideth Bucher

  • Pulitzer Prize-winning author Eric Foner on his new book The Second Founding

    In his new book The Second Founding: How the Civil War and Reconstruction Remade the Constitution, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian Eric Foner writes about the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the U.S. Constitution and significant impact they had on the United States — even to this day.

    By Scott LaMar

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