Scott LaMar

Scott LaMar has worked in both radio and television for more than four decades.

Currently, LaMar is the Host and Executive Producer of the daily Smart Talk news and public affairs program on 89.5 & 93.3.

Previously, LaMar was WITF TV’s Sr. Public Affairs producer and produced the station’s award-winning weekly public affairs TV program Smart Talk and the Issues PA series on the Pennsylvania Public Television Network. LaMar has won more than a dozen Pennsylvania Associated Press Broadcast Awards since 2000 and has been nominated for five Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards.

LaMar and Smart Talk have been recognized throughout the Central Pennsylvania community including ADVOZ Lancaster’s first “Dignity in Dialogue Award”, the South Central Assembly’s “Regional Citizen Award” and was named a “Humanitarian Hero” by The Humane Society of the United States/Pennsylvania.

A native of Coatesville, Pa., LaMar has also worked as a broadcast news anchor, sports play-by-play announcer and manager.

Latest by Scott LaMar

Article finds child sexual abuse in the Amish community

A year-long investigation by the non-profit newsroom Type Investigations and Los Angeles-based journalist and filmmaker Sara McClure found the Amish are hiding what they call a horrifying secret — that Amish children are being sexually abused by their family members and neighbors

By Scott LaMar

Crime and incarceration rates are falling in Pa.

Sec. of Corrections appears on Smart Talk with details
By Scott LaMar

How to talk about racism

Monday is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Smart Talk addresses how to talk about racism.

By Scott LaMar

Smart Talk Road Trip to Pa. Farm Show

Agriculture has been described as Pennsylvania’s number one industry because it has such an economic and cultural impact on the state. So, any change in policy, the economy, weather and climate or consumer tastes affects Pennsylvanians.

By Scott LaMar

2019 Smart Talk Top Stories — Three Mile Island 40th

The 2019 top stories on Smart Talk series concludes Tuesday with conversations on the program this year focused on the 40th anniversary of the accident at Three Mile Island — the worst accident at a commercial nuclear plant in the nation’s history.

By Scott LaMar

2019 Smart Talk Top Stories — research on guns and mass shooters

The 2019 top stories on Smart Talk series continues Friday with conversations that came in the aftermath of the deadly mass shooting in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio last August.

By Scott LaMar

2019 Smart Talk Top Stories — legalizing marijuana

The 2019 top stories on Smart Talk series begins with a look back at the push to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes.

By Scott LaMar

Evangelicals in the age of President Trump

About 81% of white Evangelicals voted for President Trump in 2016 and polls of those who identify as Evangelical indicate the president continues to get their support going into the election year of 2020.

By Scott LaMar and Merideth Bucher

NPR’s Noel King appears on Smart Talk

NPR Morning Edition host Noel King is one of the voices that comes into your home or on your car radio several times a week. She, like other NPR journalists, report news and interview newsmakers that provide a more in-depth understanding of the news from across the country and around the world each day.

By Scott LaMar