Scott LaMar

Scott LaMar has worked in both radio and television for more than four decades.

Currently, LaMar is the Host and Executive Producer of the daily Smart Talk news and public affairs program on 89.5 & 93.3.

Previously, LaMar was WITF TV’s Sr. Public Affairs producer and produced the station’s award-winning weekly public affairs TV program Smart Talk and the Issues PA series on the Pennsylvania Public Television Network. LaMar has won more than a dozen Pennsylvania Associated Press Broadcast Awards since 2000 and has been nominated for five Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards.

LaMar and Smart Talk have been recognized throughout the Central Pennsylvania community including ADVOZ Lancaster’s first “Dignity in Dialogue Award”, the South Central Assembly’s “Regional Citizen Award” and was named a “Humanitarian Hero” by The Humane Society of the United States/Pennsylvania.

A native of Coatesville, Pa., LaMar has also worked as a broadcast news anchor, sports play-by-play announcer and manager.

Latest by Scott LaMar

Smart Talk Thursday: Why doesn’t the non-voter vote?; Surprise medical bills

Non-voters were broken down into the apathetic, the obstructed, the incapable and the conditional non-voter

By Scott LaMar

Smart Talk Tuesday: Dem Congressional candidate Eugene DePasquale; Green Treasurer candidate Tim Runkle

Smart Talk continues conversations with candidates
By Scott LaMar

Smart Talk Monday: EPA sued over Pa. not meeting Chesapeake cleanup goals; Five counties and the coronavirus

CBF says in the suit that the state will meet less than 75 percent of its 31 million-pound nitrogen-reduction commitment, and the plan is underfunded by more than $300 million dollars a year

By Scott LaMar

Smart Talk Friday: Pa. restaurants and taverns struggling; Naming streams

Pennsylvania’s restaurants and taverns are struggling financially during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Scott LaMar

Smart Talk Tuesday: 5G explained; Wasp, cicadas and hornets

5G is the latest generation of technology that will be faster and allow for more data

By Scott LaMar

Smart Talk Thursday: Paid sick and family leave?; Coin shortage

Under the governor’s proposal, paid sick leave can be used to recover from an illness, for medical appointments, to care for a family member, or to seek help from abuse or violence.

By Scott LaMar