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LGBTQ Advocate Suzette Mullen gets personal with newest memoir: “The Only Way Through Is Out”

  • By Marquis Lupton

Aired; February 9th, 2024.

Suzette Mullen’s memoir, a poignant blend of introspection, bittersweet reflections, and empowering revelations, serves as both a coming-out and a coming-of-age narrative. In this captivating story, she issues a compelling call to action, urging those who yearn to live authentically to overcome their fears.

Despite an outwardly enviable life—complete with college and law degrees, a successful and compassionate husband, two accomplished adult sons, and a picturesque ocean-view vacation home—Suzette found herself constrained by a lifelong commitment to playing it safe and avoiding causing pain to others. While her friends boldly embraced their journeys, she grappled with the elusive reasons holding her back.

Delving into her past, Suzette unearthed a profound truth: for nearly two decades, she had harbored romantic feelings for her best friend—a woman. The acknowledgment of these “unspeakable” emotions posed a significant risk to Suzette’s identity, relationships, and privileged existence. However, embracing this truth became her pathway to experiencing life to its fullest.

As Suzette navigated the complexities of opening herself to new possibilities, an unexpected visit to a different city became a catalyst for self-discovery. In this memoir, she shares her courageous journey, demonstrating that sometimes taking a leap into the unknown is the only way to truly embrace one’s authentic self and feel fully alive.

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