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Enriching programs for gifted children

  • By Marquis Lupton
Shot of a group of children walking through the hall of a school

Shot of a group of children walking through the hall of a school

Airdate: February 8th, 2024

In a bid to nurture the intellectual curiosity and academic prowess of gifted students, the Student Enrichment Experience (SEE) program is making waves across Lancaster and Lebanon counties. Catering to students in Grades 4-12, this innovative initiative goes beyond the confines of traditional classrooms to provide thought-provoking seminars throughout the school year.

The ever so talented Meredith Yoder who is the Coordinator of Educational Outreach at IU13 Lancaster-Lebanon explains that one of the key aspects of the SEE program is its focus on gifted and academically advanced students in participating school districts or nonpublic schools. She goes on by stating that, by tailoring seminars to the specific needs and strengths of these students, the SEE program serves as a valuable supplement to their individualized education plans and complements the gifted services offered by the school districts.

Additionally, the SEE Seminars boast a diverse array of topics and experiences, setting them apart from the regular classroom curriculum. These seminars not only enrich the educational journey of the students but also provide essential social and emotional support. For students with intense interests and curiosity, the SEE program offers a platform where they can connect with like-minded peers from across Lancaster and Lebanon counties.

The unique strength of the SEE Seminars lies in their ability to go “beyond the classroom.” By engaging students with experts in various fields, the program facilitates in-depth instruction, hands-on activities, and personal insights that contribute to a holistic learning experience. This approach not only challenges students academically but also exposes them to valuable career exploration opportunities. The SEE program recognizes the importance of cultivating vital interpersonal skills for future career success, and these seminars serve as a platform for students to build and refine these skills.

Moreover, the SEE program recognizes the significance of documentation in the educational journey. Students can add documentation from these seminars to their individual College and Career Readiness portfolios, enhancing their academic profiles. This not only showcases their commitment to intellectual growth but also provides a tangible record of their engagement in unique and relevant learning experiences.

The SEE program is transforming the educational landscape for advanced and gifted students in Lancaster and Lebanon counties. By offering tailored seminars, fostering social and emotional support, and providing opportunities for career exploration, the program is not only enriching the academic journey of these students but also equipping them with the essential skills for success in their future endeavors. The SEE program stands as a testament to the commitment to nurturing the potential of every gifted student in the region.

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