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PCAD offering winter opportunities for community members like YOU

Here's what YOU need to know

  • By Marquis Lupton

Aired; December 8th,2023.

The Pennsylvania College of Art and Design (PCA&D) is breaking traditional educational boundaries with its innovative intergenerational classes and the introduction of Parents + Me art classes scheduled for the winter term. Embracing a unique approach to learning, these programs aim to foster creativity and artistic expression while bringing together individuals from different age groups.

The intergenerational classes at PCA&D create a dynamic learning environment by merging students of various ages and backgrounds. This inclusive approach not only encourages the exchange of ideas but also provides a platform for different generations to collaborate and inspire one another. The courses cover a spectrum of artistic disciplines, allowing participants to explore and refine their creative skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Adding an extra layer of connection, PCA&D is launching Parents + Me art classes this winter, inviting parents to join their children in artistic exploration. This initiative is designed to strengthen familial bonds through shared creative experiences, fostering communication and mutual inspiration. The classes are tailored to accommodate both parents and children, ensuring a harmonious balance between guided learning and personal expression.

Both intergenerational and Parents + Me classes at PCA&D exemplify the institution’s commitment to cultivating a diverse and inclusive learning community. By providing these distinctive opportunities, the college not only enriches the educational experience but also reinforces the belief that art has the power to bridge generational gaps and create lasting connections. As winter approaches, PCA&D’s innovative programs promise a season of collaborative learning and artistic exploration for participants of all ages.

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