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Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission on-the-road looking for input from communities

Airdate: May 23rd, 2023


The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission investigates reports of discrimination and promotes equality across the state.

The Commission’s Executive Director Chad Dion Lassiter is embarking on a tour of all 67 Pennsylvania counties, starting next month to gather information about the concerns Pennsylvanians have about equal opportunities, bias and discrimination.

Chad Dion Lassiter was with us on The Spark Tuesday, who talked about the idea behind the tour of the state is not new but was postponed,”At the HRC, we recognize that against the backdrop of so many challenges, not just in our Commonwealth but also in our democracy, there’s a lot of people who are committed to themes of peace. Themes of justice. Themes of truth, love and kindness. And so we wanted to get into all of the counties throughout our beautiful commonwealth prior to COVID. So this is not a new concept. This is something that we wanted to do, not so much to always impart on these communities, but also to listen and to learn. We recognize that in some communities it may not be biased solely, it may not be discrimination solely, it could be some poverty related challenges, it can be some things as it relates to environmental struggles.”

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