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Susquehanna Riverlands is Pennsylvania’s newest state park

  • Scott LaMar

Airdate: May 22, 2023


There are more than 120 state parks in Pennsylvania. The three newest parks became state parks last fall, including the Susquehanna Riverlands State Park in York County.

How did this stretch of land along the confluence of Codorus Creek with the Susquehanna River become a state park and what does it and will it offer visitors?

Nathaniel Brown, Susquehanna Riverlands State Park Manager, was on The Spark Monday discussing the new state park in York County, “It’s a very nice chunk of property along the Susquehanna River and the Dawes Creek in Hallam Township. It has several overlooks we have, one of which there’s a trail going to at this point. We’re working on continuing that trail along to several other overlooks that would have a really nice view over the Susquehanna River and into Lancaster County. And it just has a lot of nice, open, open space and has probably about 250 acres or so of agricultural fields and another 800 some acres of woodland.”

Brown indicated they’ve had to expand the parking area because there have been so many visitors and plans are still being made to complete the park.


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