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York County’s Pappus House provides unique end-of-life care

  • Scott LaMar
end of life and palliative care

end of life and palliative care

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Airdate: May 23, 2022

Pappus House in York County is unique in Pennsylvania. It describes itself as “a warm, safe, reassuring, family-centered place to live… a home exclusively dedicated to care for dying people and their families.”

What it isn’t is a hospice, although residents can select an outside hospice agency.

Pappus House provides meals, bathing, grooming, personal safety, ambulatory assistance and light housekeeping who may not have a family, a home or caregiver.

We’ll learn more about Pappus House on Monday’s Smart Talk from Executive Director Amy Jansky and Alexandra Chiarutinni, who had a family member at Pappus House.

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