What is the role for nurse practitioners in Pa.?

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Airdate: Wednesday, November 17, 2021

The advent of the Nurse Practitioner profession in the 1960’s was intended to expand health care options for people living in underserved communities. Since then, the number of practitioners has grown exponentially, along with their influence in healthcare.

There are nearly 300 thousand Nurse Practitioners in the United States now, and their role continues to grow. But there are limits to what a Nurse Practitioner can do, medically.

Smart Talk Wednesday will look into the role of Nurse Practitioners in healthcare  if expanding their functions makes sense, or if there should be more limitations in place. Appearing on the program to discuss these issues are Lorraine Bock, Ph.D., family Nurse Practitioner from Carlisle, Pa., and past President of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners, Joyce Knestrick, Ph.D., family Nurse Practitioner from Washington, Pa., and past President of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Dr. David Talenti, MD, Gastroenterologist practicing in Wayne County and incoming president of the Pennsylvania Medical Society and Dr. Tiffany Leonard, MD, Family Practice Physician & President of the Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians.

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