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Is progress lost in the fight against COVID-19?

Positive cases continue to rise as the highly contagious Delta variant moves through Pa. communities

By Merideth Bucher

Florida Governor digs in against mask mandates while the state sets infection records

Florida leads nation in new COVID cases

By Merideth Bucher

Study finds that exercise with weight training promotes fat burning

Muscle cells and fat cells both advantaged by resistance moves

By Merideth Bucher

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Some avoid lifting weights because of intimidation factor

 While going to a gym isn’t for everyone — resistance training at home or outside is something people of all skill levels can do. 

By Staff

Disenfranchised grief a barrier to facing a loss

The grief experienced by a significant loss is called disenfranchised when others avoid talking about it or if they use a cliché that minimizes that loss.

By Staff

Athletes’ mental health in the spotlight with Biles exit

Superstar gymnast withdraws from Olympic events, to both praise and criticism
By Merideth Bucher

Feelings of despair found to be connected to four common personal burdens

Researchers who completed a study in 2015 coined a term around any medical diagnosis involving alcohol-related disorders, substance-related disorders and suicidal thoughts and behavior — calling them diseases of despair.

By Merideth Bucher

Opioid deaths accelerated during the pandemic, lockdowns fueling an unintended outcome

The COVID-19 public health response “just spun everything out of control,” for those at risk of opioid abuse

By Merideth Bucher

Billions of dollars for transportation diverted away from construction projects

Also on the program: Central Pa. Pekingese wins top prize at Westminster Dog Show

By Merideth Bucher

Employers struggling to find workers cite continued federal benefits as the cause

Also on the program: Attention to alcoholism lost during the pandemic

By Merideth Bucher