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On WITF for November

An overview of November's highlights on WITF

  • Fred Vigeant

WITF continues the interactive television series Family Night with a focus on outer space on November 4 at 7pm. Gather around the children and grandchildren to meet people who are involved in space travel, all without traveling to space. During Family Night: Space we’ll learn more about the exciting field of aerospace. Previous Family Night episodes are available through the PBS Video app and at

A century ago, 38 Americans from every walk of life volunteered to fly in the First World War. It was their own idea—to fight in the skies to aid our oldest ally, France, long before the
United States entered the war. We’ll learn more about these individuals in the two-part documentary The Lafayette Escadrille broadcasting November 11 and 12 for Veterans Day. Also check the schedule for additional documentaries in honor of Veterans Day, scheduled to broadcast Sunday, November 7 starting at noon.

The location of the Carlisle Army Barracks in Cumberland County was once also the location of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School. In Home From School from Independent Lens, we follow a delegation of Northern Arapaho tribal members from Wyoming who travel to Carlisle to retrieve remains of three children who died at the school in the 1880s. Join WITF, filmmakers, Cumberland County Historical Society and Dickinson College for a Premiere Screening & Community Conversation on November 18 at the Carlisle Theatre, or watch Home from School November 23 at 9pm on WITF TV. Look for other documentaries celebrating Native American Heritage Month throughout the month.

WITF will again be your home to watch Charlie Brown attempt to throw together a Thanksgiving celebration with the help of the familiar Peanuts characters. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving airs on Sunday November 21 at 7:30pm — and will not be available to stream on PBS or WITF Passport. Last year the Thanksgiving special was a bit of a last-minute schedule change, so I’m happy to point this out ahead of time (in time for this publication at least) to be sure you mark your calendars for this nostalgic treat. While I’m thinking of it, A Charlie Brown Christmas will broadcast on WITF next month. Stay tuned for details in the next guide.

In the meantime, thank you for watching WITF and for your continued financial support to make all the great programming you enjoy possible. Find, download and print the entire guide here.


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