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Smart Talk: Term limits for elected officials

  • Scott LaMar
  • Merideth Bucher

 Stefani Reynolds / Getty Images

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Airdate: Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Over the years, there have been many suggestions on ways to reform the state and federal governments — to make members of Congress and state legislators more responsive to their constituents.

Term limits for elected officials is often cited as one such change that could make a difference.

The organization U.S. Terms Limits has campaigned for and actually helped to enact term limits in some states.

The organization says “term limits provide fresh faces with fresh ideas to elected office. They reduce lobbyist and special interest influence and make room in Congress for the citizen legislator.”

Wednesday’s Smart Talk focuses on term limits for lawmakers.

Appearing on the program are Mike Riley, Legislative Advocate, U.S. Term Limits, Ken Quinn, Northern Regional Director, U.S. Term Limits and Republican state Representative Ryan MacKenzie serving parts of Lehigh and Berks Counties.

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