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Smart Talk: COVID-19 Vaccine Joint Task Force to tackle distribution challenges

Veterans await their turn to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

 Lebanon VA

Veterans await their turn to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

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The Wolf administration and the Pennsylvania Department of Health are in the spotlight for what has been called a “frustrating” vaccine rollout. The system put in place to find and deliver vaccines to eligible populations is considered patchwork, at best.

One administration response to the criticism is to create a COVID-19 Vaccine Joint Task Force with the Pennsylvania Legislature. The goal of the task force is to improve communications based on what the lawmakers are seeing and hearing in their communities about vaccine issues. Then, circle back to the administration with solutions and recommendations.

Republican state Senator Ryan Aument of Lancaster County is assigned to the Joint Task Force and he joins Smart Talk Tuesday to discuss the plan.

Democrats demanding accountability

The Pennsylvania Democratic legislative caucus is renewing calls for Republican accountability for members involved in January’s Capital Hill riot. The Caucus’ position is that Republican leadership in the Pennsylvania legislature made no move to condemn or discipline their members who participated or elevated election fraud rhetoric.

Democratic state Representative Jordan Harris of Philadelphia County appears on Smart Talk Tuesday to detail what the Caucus expects as a response.

Healthcare affordability in Pennsylvania top concern during COVID-19 pandemic

A new state-wide poll conducted to gauge the affordability of healthcare in Pennsylvania found that more than half of respondents struggled to afford healthcare in the past year. Paying for future treatment is a big worry for most, as well.

Antoinette Kraus, founding director of the Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN) will join Smart Talk Tuesday to release the survey’s findings.



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