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Game Changers: Pennsylvania Women Who Made History / The Reuben Garnett, Jr. Memorial Bridge

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Photos courtesy of Pennsylvania Governor’s Residence

What to look for on Smart Talk Friday, April 23, 2019:

Grace Kelly, Daisy Lampkin, and Genevieve Blatt are three of the faces adorning the wall of a new exhibit at the Pennsylvania Governor’s Residence. 

Game Changers: Pennsylvania Women Who Made History includes portraits of Pennsylvanian women from diverse fields including education, the arts, politics and science–just to name a few. 

Over thirty women are included in the exhibit–each one highlighting the contributions and challenges women have faced in shaping the history of the state and the nation. 

Joining us on Tuesday’s Smart Talk to discuss the exhibit and the idea behind “Game Changers” is the 45th First Lady of Pennsylvania Frances Donnelly Wolf, and Andrea Lowery, executive director of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. 

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Andrea Lowery and First Lady Frances Donnelly Wolf


Also, Reuben Louis Garnett, Jr., was a local soldier with a larger-than-life personality.  Known to his friends as “Sweet Daddy Grace,” Garnett left a lasting impression on everyone he met. Sadly, Garnett was killed in Vietnam on March 4, 1966, leaving behind his family in Steelton.  

After his death, the Garnett family dealt with grief, compounded by prejudice when Reuben’s mother tried to join a local military support group for grieving parents. His family worked hard to right that wrong over the years and now more than fifty years later, a local bridge will be named in his honor. 

The Specialist 4 Reuben Garnett, Jr., Memorial Bridge will be dedicated on May 2 and is located on a portion of PA Route 39, also known as Linglestown Road, over US Route 22 in the City of Harrisburg, Dauphin County.  

Appearing on Smart Talk to share her brother’s story is India Garnett, along with Democratic State Representative Patty Kim of Dauphin County, who was instrumental in securing the memorial bridge designation.  

Visit The Vietnam War:WITF Stories for an indepth look at how the Vietnam War impacted the people of South Central Pennsylvania. 


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India Garnett and Rep. Patty Kim


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