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Now Listen Here: Rediscover Your Music

Now Listen Here

“This is where I’m going to pasture,” jokes Matt Early, owner of hi-fi shop Now Listen Here in Lancaster. “This is how it ends. I’m in a room full of great gear and listening to music and sharing that experience.”

After years of working in audio, home automation and home entertainment, Matt has gone back to his true love of listening to music. Now Listen Here is a hi-fi shop not just for the the vinyl/analog audiophiles but also for the younger generation of iPod/earbud music listeners.

In an era of compressed digital audio and portable music, Now Listen Here aims to help people rediscover their music, whether it be through vinyl records and high-end audio gear, or maybe using Bluetooth to get your music from your phone onto a good set of speakers.  Since the advent of the internet, digital music has been degraded and shrunk down to easily fit on portable devices and to make the transfer of files quicker. But there are still ways to maximize the digital listening experience without having to commit to a whole new format like vinyl. 


Photo by Now Listen Here

Bring your music in to Now Listen Here and Matt will gladly let you hear it on different headphones, speakers, amplifiers, and digital streaming devices. 

“My whole mantra is to try to help people understand if you can make it sound better,” says Matt,  “it’s a much more enjoyable experience.”

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