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Berks County aims to correct inaccurate Spanish-language voting information sent to voters

Activists and leaders vollied harsh criticism and accusations of voter suppression for incorrect voting instructions.

By Anthony Orozco

Updated: June 10, 2021 | 3:37 pm

House GOP unveils ambitious proposal to revamp Pennsylvania’s election law

The ambitious 149-page bill would change deadlines, early voting and mail-in ballot procedures and mandate IDs for all in-person voters.

By Mark Scolforo/The Associated Press

Groups call for enactment of state and federal “moral agenda”

As a follow-up to its voter engagement work last year, advocates with the Poor People’s Campaign and other groups presented a list of policy items to lawmakers in 30 states including Pennsylvania.

By Alanna Elder

State and counties say they plan to do more to inform Pa. Spanish-speaking voters

Undetermined release date of U.S. Census data may require counties to do more.

By Anthony Orozco