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State Senate Dems offer $4 billion pandemic relief plan

A group of lawmakers is calling for the state to take out several billion in emergency loans to fund relief programs for schools, workers, and healthcare systems.

By Sam Dunklau

Pa. Victim Advocate criticizes Senate “no” vote as “political vendetta”

Storm alleges state Senate President Joe Scarnati led a personally-motivated effort to block her from serving another six-year term in the appointed position.

By Sam Dunklau

Pa. Senate Democrats look to address disparate impacts of coronavirus on African Americans

Hearing points to structural inequity, unequal treatment as causes of COVID-19's exacting toll
By Benjamin Pontz

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Voting reform bill heads to governor’s desk; critics say the state’s ramming through changes

Counties would get back 60 percent of election system upgrade costs under SB421.
By Emily Previti/PA Post

Making a difference for Pa’s most vulnerable children

In 2017, there were more than 20 thousand children’s cases brought before Dependency Court. Adjudicating foster care cases is a lengthy process. On average, a child will spend nearly two full years in foster care while their case is determined.

By Merideth Bucher

Updated: September 18, 2019 | 3:19 pm

A chance of freedom? New bill could release 1,000 people sentenced to life in Pa. prisons

For more than 40 years, life sentences in Pennsylvania have only come one way: without the possibility of parole.

By Aaron Moselle/WHYY

Recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania: What should legalization look like?

Various proposals are circulating around Harrisburg, including one bill that would allow marijuana consumption by anyone over 21 years old, allow private citizens to grow up to six plants for personal use and create a path toward expunging past criminal convictions.

By Wallace McKelvey/PennLive

Supporters of sentencing reform say next year, they may see success

'The justice that we're asking for comes in the form of allowing the system to do what it should do, which is allow these cases to be reviewed." -- Sen. Street
By Katie Meyer