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Unprepared for long war, US Army under gun to make more ammo and a Pennsylvania plant is at the center of it all

The Scranton Army Ammunition Plant is at the vanguard of a multibillion-dollar Pentagon plan to modernize and accelerate its production of ammunition.

By Marc Levy/The Associated Press

Scranton leaves program for distressed cities after 30 years

The city was designated as distressed in 1992 under the Municipalities Financial Recovery Act or Act 47 following “years of recurring deficits.

By The Associated Press

Striking Scranton teachers take their case to the Capitol

Striking teachers in the Scranton School District are taking their case to the state Capitol. They held a rally with labor leaders and Democratic office holders, appealing to Gov. Tom Wolf and the Republican-controlled Legislature for help.

By The Associated Press

Scranton teachers poised to strike after talks go nowhere

Teachers have been working under the terms of a contract that expired in 2017, with their last pay raise coming a year before that.

By The Associated Press

Updated: 2021-10-22 12:11:29

Biden says infrastructure will improve Pa. Here’s what a few voters in his birthplace say is needed.

The president stumped for his signature domestic policy goal with a speech in Scranton this week.

By Sam Dunklau