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Pennsylvanians have a year to get REAL ID

More than two years later, REAL ID is back and the state has set a deadline to get one.

By Scott LaMar/WITF

PennDOT to resume REAL ID service

The federal Department of Homeland Security postponed the enforcement date for REAL ID from October 1, 2020 to October 1, 2021, because of COVID-19.

By Zoë Read/WHYY

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What you need to know about Real ID

The new I.D. will be required to fly domestically, enter a military base or federal building

By Smart Talk and Alexandra Stein

Only a fraction of Pa. residents have a Real ID, but PennDOT says that’s OK

So far, only about 821,000 of the roughly 9.8 million people with state IDs and driver’s licenses have made the switch.

By Katie Meyer/WITF

Forecasting the weather; what’s in store this winter

The first real blast of cold air this season might come as a shock when you walk out the door today. Temperatures in central Pennsylvania took a tumble over the past 24 hours as a cold front brought rain and wind to the Midstate area.  

By Merideth Bucher/WITF