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How do polls account for undecided voters in Pa.’s U.S. Senate Race?

Polls often show very different results. Here’s an explainer to help you assess the differences:

By Robby Brod

Report: Berks County’s May primary was a maelstrom of failures

One large failure kicked off a series of problems for voters and election workers.

By Anthony Orozco

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Elevating Pa. voters’ say in choosing the president in 2024

Bill would advance primary date to March
By Emily Previti/PA Post

How to interpret polls

Many election polls taken before the 2016 general election were wrong. Most predicted or reflected data indicating that Democratic candidate Senator Hillary Clinton was leading candidate Donald Trump.

By Smart Talk

Voting reform bill heads to governor’s desk; critics say the state’s ramming through changes

Counties would get back 60 percent of election system upgrade costs under SB421.
By Emily Previti/PA Post