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A Chambersburg church wants members to bring their political differences to the service

A Chambersburg church wants members to bring their political differences to the service. Despite differences in their opinions, members are still able to pray together afterward.

By Robby Brod

FRONTLINE Premiere: Lies, Politics and Democracy

First-person accounts from GOP insiders offer startling new details on how the indulgence of Trump’s authoritarian impulses and the embrace of his rhetoric strengthened his grip on the American political system and led the nation to this perilous moment.

By Christina Zeiders

The Rise of the Bolsonaros

By organizing a social media army to malign his rivals with fake news and secret groups on WhatsApp, Bolsonaro stunned the nation by becoming Brazil’s President in October 2018.

By Christina Zeiders

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Not Going Quietly

An inspiring and sobering story about disability, activism and family featuring rising star in progressive politics and a new father, Ady Barkan whose life was upended when he was diagnosed with ALS at age 32.

By Fred Vigeant

Man accused of shooting into Democratic Party headquarters in Montgomery County enters pleas

Anthony Nero recently entered the pleas to federal charges of sending threatening communications and cyberstalking in connection.

By The Associated Press

Americans think political divisiveness is bad for the country but expect it to get worse.

When asked about what else might help cool temperatures around the country, respondents pointed to reducing the influence of money in politics and creating more opportunities for people to discuss different ideas.

By Julia Agos

The Child Care Crisis

PBS NewsHour presents an in-depth look at how the lack of affordable, quality child care is affecting American families.

By Fred Vigeant