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Updated: March 22, 2023 | 7:17 pm

Early Pa. state budget talks reveal a potential sticking point: how much to give colleges and universities

Gov. Josh Shapiro is asking for a $60 million increase for higher education schools, but some lawmakers disagree about which schools should get more funding.
By Sam Dunklau

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Penn State president says cuts will be deeper than anticipated as leaders finalize layoff plans

Internal messages reveal Penn State leaders are finishing layoff plans this month. President Neeli Bendapudi has said the university is in a “vulnerable state” but not a “financial crisis.”
By Wyatt Massey/SpotlightPA

Can the public know if outside groups are paying Penn State salaries?

Penn State described an employee being paid by an outside group as “not uncommon.” Are other employees being paid like this?
By Wyatt Massey/SpotlightPA

Updated: March 2, 2023 | 3:37 pm

6 years after hazing death, Penn State plans to drop the Greek life oversight it championed

Penn State appears to be dropping most intervention and oversight of Greek life, an internal memo states.
By Wyatt Massey/SpotlightPA

Penn State English teaching faculty say they aren’t paid a living wage

President Bendapudi pledged to address it, but the university already broke a promise to deliver merit-based raises.
By Wyatt Massey/SpotlightPA

Penn State paid state, local police almost $1.9 million for 2021 home football game security

Penn State and State Police initially refused to share the cost of securing seven home games in 2021. Spotlight PA pieced together the overall spending, which the university said was necessary.
By Min Xian/SpotlightPA

Penn State plans to renovate Beaver Stadium, opens door to using it ‘beyond football game days’

The announcement comes as the university is dealing with a budget shortfall. Renovating would be more economical, according to the university’s announcement.

By Anne Danahy/WPSU