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What are some of the challenges new parents face when going back to work and how can they overcome them?

Returning to work has been known to be difficult for new parents for a wide variety of reasons: lack of sleep, implicit biases that new parents face, finding the time and space to pump breast milk, postpartum, hormonal changes, separation anxiety and guilt, getting back in the swing of work duties and schedules, and so much more.

By Aniya Faulcon

Penn State expands paid parental leave to non-tenure track faculty and to staff after six months

All full-time faculty who become a parent to a new baby, adopt a child, or become the new legal guardian of a child will now be eligible for six weeks of paid parental leave.

By Emily Reddy/WPSU

Penn State will offer paid parental leave to staff

The four week period has to start within 90 days following a birth or an adoption.
By Min Xian/SpotlightPA

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