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“They Survived Together” Tells the Incredible Story of a Family’s Escape from Nazi Occupation

The true story of the Neiger family’s incredible and daring escape from certain death in Nazi-occupied Krakow.

By Christina Zeiders

Rise of the Nazis: Dictators at War

Now at the peak of his power, Hitler tries to deceive the Soviet leader with a plan to invade Britain, while secretly preparing an attack on the Soviet Union.

By Christina Zeiders

The Neiger Family: They Survived Together

The Neiger family shares first-hand accounts of their family’s escape from Nazi-occupied Kraków and their journey to a new life in America – one of the few to survive as an intact family.

By Christina Zeiders

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The fascinating story of Elizebeth Smith Friedman

Meet Elizebeth Friedman, the pioneering cryptanalyst who took down Al Capone and a Nazi spy ring.

By Fred Vigeant/WITF

Rise of the Nazis

See how Adolf Hitler and the Nazis rise to power. In 1930, Germany is a liberal democracy. Just four years later, democracy is dead, Germany’s leader is a dictator and the government is in the hands of the Nazis. The three-part series begins November 10 at 9:00pm on WITF.

By Fred Vigeant/WITF