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Jails fail to accommodate people with mental illness. In some cases, it’s a civil rights violation.

Conditions in some corrections facilities are a a moral failure that also costs taxpayers millions.

By Brett Sholtis

Pennsylvania lawmakers weigh in on need for reforms after investigation into county jails and mental health

Prison oversight boards and funding for jails are among the ideas presented.

By Brett Sholtis

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A Pa. state commission on mental health makes recommendations for using ARPA money

A state commission on adult behavioral health released its recommendations on how to spend $100 million set aside from the American Rescue Plan..

By Gabriela Martínez

What kind of impact do video games have?

Although video games were created in the name of fun, recent studies are analyzing the positive and negative effects of video games.

By Aniya Faulcon

Virtual learning helps students struggling with mental health

Allie Schleifer, Insight Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School Lead School Counselor, said virtual learning provides students struggling with their mental health the opportunity to learn in a safe place, have more flexibility, learn with more family support, improve their academics, use chat boxes and turn off their camera for comfort, and relieve the pressure of making friends and dressing to fit into a school environment. 

By Aniya Faulcon

Twin Cities PBS’ “Facing Suicide” Offers Information, Resources and Hope

If you are thinking about suicide or you know someone in emotional crisis, call or text 988 any time for confidential, free, crisis support.

By Christina Zeiders

At 988 call centers, crisis counselors offer empathy — and juggle limited resources

The new 988 system launched in mid-July, and one early estimate says calls went up 45% nationally during the first week.

By Brett Sholtis

A physical activity study increases mental health of women experiencing homelessness

Tonya Miller, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy at Harrisburg University, who conducted the study, worked with Harrisburg University students and local shelters to educate homeless women on their physical activity and in turn, shift their mindset to achieve an overall sense of well-being.

By Aniya Faulcon