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Pennsylvanians scurry to fix mail-in ballots after ruling

Some of Pennsylvania’s largest counties are working to help voters fix mail-in ballots that have fatal flaws such as incorrect dates or lack of signatures on the envelopes used to send them in.

By Mark Scolforo/The Associated Press

Allegheny County posts lists of voters whose mail-in ballots are at risk, offers remedy

One option for voters whose declaration envelopes include improper or missing dates is to vote provisionally at their regular polling place on Tuesday.

By Chris Potter/WESA

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1.4 million Pennsylvanians asked to vote by mail. Here’s what that means for Election Week 2022 counting.

More than 1.4 million people in Pennsylvania requested to vote by mail for the Nov. 8 election, but county officials don’t expect it to take several days to complete the count like in 2020.

By Kate Huangpu/Spotlight PA

What the Pa. Supreme Court’s undated ballots order means for the midterms – and beyond

Legal observers say the question of whether to count mail-in ballots with handwritten dating errors is still open.
By Sam Dunklau

Voters should return mail ballots ‘immediately,’ say Pennsylvania elections officials

Pennsylvania’s Department of State is urging people planning to vote by mail-in or absentee ballot to hand-deliver their ballots to a designated location ahead of the election next week.

By Julia Zenkevich/WESA

Pa. election officials should not count undated mail ballots on Nov. 8, Pa. high court rules

In a deadlocked decision, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court directed counties to segregate mail ballots that a voter did not date or incorrectly dated.
By Katie Meyer/Spotlight PA

Updated: November 8, 2022 | 12:53 pm

Pennsylvania’s midterm election results may not be known on Election Night. Here are the facts.

Counties and the Department of State say ballot processing and due diligence take time to do properly.
By Sam Dunklau

Why are undated mail ballots such a big deal in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has been asked to determine whether mail ballots that a voter failed to date should be thrown out or counted on Nov. 8.

By Katie Meyer/Spotlight PA