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Updated: October 10, 2020 | 4:38 pm

Trump’s campaign loses election lawsuit in Pennsylvania

A federal judge in Pennsylvania threw out a lawsuit filed by President Donald Trump’s campaign, dismissing its challenges to the state’s poll-watching law and its efforts to limit how mail-in ballots can be collected and which of them can be counted.

By Marc Levy/The Associated Press

Trump campaign sues Philadelphia over mail-in voting offices

The campaign is asking to be able to assign representatives to observe inside satellite election offices that Philadelphia began opening Tuesday.

By Marc Levy/The Associated Press

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Legal advocates line up on both sides of Bill Cosby’s appeal

Legal advocates are lining up on both sides of actor Bill Cosby’s appeal as the Pennsylvania Supreme Court prepares to review his 2018 sex assault conviction.

By Maryclaire Dale/The Associated Press

Updated: September 15, 2020 | 5:05 am

Gov. Tom Wolf plans to appeal judge’s ruling that pandemic restrictions are unconstitutional

The Wolf administration will seek delayed enforcement of the ruling while it appeals.

By Michael Rubinkam/Associated Press

Lawyers: NFL concussion awards discriminate against Blacks

“The use of a deliberate, explicit, racial classification....is a blatant violation of the law."
By Maryclaire Dale/The Associated Press

Trump campaign’s election lawsuit in Pennsylvania halted

“At its heart, the Trump campaign’s lawsuit is an attempt to make it more difficult for people in Pennsylvania to vote safely."
By Marc Levy/The Associated Press

In another voting lawsuit, League of Women Voters sues Pennsylvania over mail-in ballot procedures

The lawsuit alleges that thousands of votes could be discarded if mail-in ballot procedures aren’t changed.

By Lucy Perkins/WESA