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PennDOT hurries to rebuild the Fern Hollow Bridge, environmentalists worry about waterways below

Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh are moving quickly to rebuild the Fern Hollow bridge. Some people are worried what that means for the park below.

By Kiley Koscinski/WESA

Some groups want more time to design Pittsburgh Fern Hollow replacement

Efforts to restore the collapsed Fern Hollow Bridge in Pittsburgh were fast-tracked through an emergency declaration at the end of January.

By Margaret J. Krauss/WESA

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How safe are Pa.’s bridges?

Pennsylvania has nearly 3,200 bridges that are rated in poor conditions.

By Scott LaMar

Initial report doesn’t ID cause of Pittsburgh bridge failure

An initial review did not identify the cause of a recent bridge collapse in Pittsburgh but concluded it began at the structure’s west end.

By The Associated Press

No one knows exactly why the Fern Hollow Bridge collapsed, but it’s natural to want to

In the days after the loss of the Fern Hollow Bridge, questions and speculation about what could have caused its collapse have abounded, and for understandable reasons: There are more than 400 bridges in the City of Pittsburgh alone.

By Margaret J. Krauss/WESA

New federal infrastructure funds would go toward helping Pa. communities with poor internet access

Nearly 400,000 Pennsylvanians do not have access to high-speed internet.
By Gabriela Martínez

State, industries say money from federal infrastructure deal will help Pennsylvania, but it only goes so far

Pa. projects will likely take more money and time than the federal infrastructure deal offers.

By Sam Dunklau