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In PA., fewer hunters could mean more deer and more deer-related issues

Fewer hunters could mean more deer. That may be good for the remaining hunters, but it could be a environmental and safety issue for everyone.

By Scott LaMar

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Lancaster-area animal rehabilitation center treats an alarming number of animals with lead poisoning

On any given day, the Raven Ridge Wildlife Rehabilitation Center offers aid to raptors, like eagles and vultures, mammals and waterfowl that have been hurt or injured.

By Merideth Bucher

All Sunday hunting restrictions would be canceled by new bill

The bill would allow decisions on Sunday hunting to be made by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, which already make other wildlife management decisions for the state.

By Marcus Schneck/PennLive

2-week deer season approved, rifles banned from turkey hunts in Pennsylvania

Game commissioners made what they called a “difficult” vote to ban use of rifles for fall turkey hunting, citing a declining turkey population.

By The Associated Press

Pennsylvania’s deer season opens today

Deer hunting season gets an unusual weekend start this year.

By Ed Arke

Pennsylvania hunters killed record 4,653 black bears in 2019

There were 30 days of bear hunting across all bear seasons for the first time since 1931.

By The Associated Press