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Dozens of migrants have been killed in a shipwreck off the coast of Italy

Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni said that the migrants were crowded into a 20-meter (66-foot) -long boat

By The Associated Press

Lancaster County DA weighs in on 1st year of human trafficking task force

“it’s so important that we have this task force and we’re out there looking for this because people do need to understand that it does exist.”

By Scott LaMar

Lancaster County DA on stopping human trafficking

The Lancaster County District Attorney’s office formed a County Human Trafficking Task Force earlier this year.

By Scott LaMar

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U.S. Route 15 is focus of human trafficking

The central Pennsylvania area is especially vulnerable to human trafficking because of the interstate highway system crossing through the state.

By Merideth Bucher

Law increases penalties for some human trafficking offenses

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf on Wednesday signed the legislation, which takes effect in two months.

By The Associated Press

House moves to tighten Pennsylvania’s human trafficking laws

One of the bills now goes the governor for a signature, and the rest still have to pass the Senate.
By Katie Meyer

Human trafficking crackdown heading for a final vote

State lawmakers advanced seven other measures intended to address the problem
By Emily Previti/PA Post