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How architectural tools with a cosmic twist help strengthen old Pittsburgh homes

Five-pointed, colorful metal stars that are fastened to the exterior of many of Pittsburgh’s old, brick houses are important anchors that reinforce bowing brick facades.

By Katie Blackley/WESA

Forgotten Journeys on Finding Your Roots

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. helps John Leguizamo and Lena Waithe retrace the paths of their ancestors.

By Fred Vigeant

Season 26 of Antiques Roadshow

Season 26 kicks off with captivating Connecticut treasures including a $150,000 surprise!

By Fred Vigeant

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Pennsylvania revises Confederate markers, recasts forces as “enemy” soldiers

Pennsylvania has revised or removed historical markers and plaques about the Confederacy amid a nationwide reckoning over how the army is remembered.

By Colin Deppen/Spotlight PA

Updated: November 24, 2021 | 10:13 am

Formerly enslaved people made an impact at Dickinson College. The school is now honoring their names

After research into the college’s ties to slavery, a residence hall and a gate will be renamed.

By Gabriela Martínez

25 Years of Antiques Roadshow

Celebrate 25 years of ROADSHOW with some of our best appraisals ever including a $1,000,000 find!

By Fred Vigeant

Hindenburg’s Flaw

A fresh look at the Hindenburg explosion reveals the flaws that directly led to the disaster.

By Fred Vigeant

True Colors on Antiques Roadshow

Feast your eyes on a rainbow of ROADSHOW’s most colorful treasures, including a $100,000 find!

By Fred Vigeant

Keystones Oral History

By Fred Vigeant