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Streaming Now: Girl Talk

Five girls overcome the gender biases prevalent in high school debate
By Christina Zeiders

How can one succeed on a nontraditional career path? The Spark traveled to Dauphin County Technical School for answers.

The Spark traveled to the Dauphin County Technical School, and hosts Scott LaMar and Aniya Faulcon, spoke with employers, educators, administrators and students about in demand careers; with an emphasis on some young people pursuing careers that many would not picture them seeking.

By Aniya Faulcon

Pennsylvania attorney general calls for more mental health support in schools

Pennsylvania’s Safe2Say Something program was intended to help prevent violence in schools, but many students have been using it to share mental health concerns.

By Julia Zenkevich/WESA

PBS NewsHour student reporting labs

Also on the program: Ned Smith Center for Nature & Art

By Merideth Bucher/WITF

Former Biglerville students form network of support against racism

At one point, each post on the Racism at Biglerville Facebook page carried several threads of comments. As more alumni added stories, the allegations grew in scope — from accounts of racist bullying to racially biased discipline to sexual harassment — and they spanned decades in time.

By Alanna Elder/WITF